Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writing A Book Proposal Step 7 – Bio

Your bio should be one page (double spaced) or shorter. It should focus on (a) what makes you the expert in your field that justifies this book, and (b) what you do that can result in sales. If you have done something that links you to a group of people that might conceivably buy your book – note it. If you are a public speaker who has large back of the room sales, note it. If you’re blogging with thousands of followers – note it. And don’t forget that if you’re all over the internet, publishers can look you up and check your bio, your claims and you’re your numbers. And if you aren’t all over the internet, that will be noted too. I sound like I’m droning on and on about your proposal constantly relating to sales, sales and sales – but that’s the bottom line for publishers. This is a proposal for publishing companies. You don’t need much of this if you’re going the self-publishing or digital route – although the annotated outline is a real plus for writing the book itself. In getting a publishing house to pay you money to publish your book you have to show that you are a person who can and will sell books.

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