Friday, July 27, 2012

Publishing Companies Still Don't Get It

I was reading the Smashwords newsletter today and came across this information “There are signs that some publishers are beginning to realize they need to implement strategies to bring indie authors back into the traditional fold, as witnessed by Pearson's acquisition last week of Author Solutions, Inc., which will be operated under its Penguin imprint. I'm still scratching my head over this.Does Pearson think that Author Solutions represents the future of indie publishing? Author Solutions is one of the companies that put the "V" in vanity. Author Solutions earn 2/3 or more of their income selling services and books to authors, not selling authors' books to readers. Does Pearson think so little of authors that they've decided they can earn more money selling them services than selling their books?” That’s the racket in most of the companies that you see advertised on facebook and other social media sites. They get you to pay them to publish your book and then the sales start. They sell you an editor, they sell you a cover artist, they sell you reviewers, they sell you the opportunity to go to overseas book conventions….they sell you and sell you and sell you but you don’t make sales of your books and in some cases they never pay you for the books they sold. You’re much better off using the digitals yourself or using Create Space – Amazon’s print on demand.

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