Friday, July 6, 2012

Use Short Stories To Create Buzz

Use short stories or articles to build your brand on the digitals. A book doesn’t have to be 90,000 words to be published on the digitals, it can be 5-10,000 words. I write novels. I am now going to start writing short thriller stories using my novel characters so that people can sample my writing in short form at lower prices as introductions to major characters and series. I can write new stories for the characters that I’m going to use in a series and introduce them in cheaper versions. Very big writers do that. I recently read a short story by Lee Childs that introduced his series character Jack Reacher in his youth. It’s not just me being brilliant with this suggestion. This is particularly important if you’re going to write series. Right now I am offering my novels at $.99 to generate reviews and conversations. This week I’m offering my novel Provenance which is inspired by a true accident in New York and contemplates why the major characters played their roles in this riveting drama.

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