Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writing A Book Proposal - Step Three - Sample Chapters

Write three complete sample chapters. Leave them unfinished in the annotated outline so the editor has a sample of how you work with your outline (of course you can fiddle with the outline as the chapter develops it’s not written in stone). One of your sample chapters can be your introduction where you have talked about your background including why you are qualified to write this book. Cardinal Rule Number One – NEVER belittle yourself in your book. The person who buys the book assumes that if a publisher put your book in a bookstore that you are an expert on your topic. Never delude the reader with statements like, “You may be wondering why you’re reading a book by a middle aged housewife from Denver…” No. The reader didn’t wonder why he was reading a book by a middle aged housewife from Denver, the reader thinks you’re a God in your field. Don’t ever tell them otherwise. There is no room for humility in writing. Even if you are a middle aged housewife from Denver you must have done something fantastic to get the publishing contract. You can say, “I started as a middle aged housewife from Denver but when my husband came down with cancer I mastered the art of getting him treatment when we didn’t have insurance and I’m going to tell you how to do it.” You turned yourself into that God. Stay godlike.

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