Friday, July 20, 2012

Writing A Book Proposal - Final Step

Assembling your proposal. Start with your cover art. Cover art is not just a picture. It looks like the cover of a book with the title, subtitle and your name on it. Behind that goes your title page with the same information but without the picture. Next is your synopsis or overview, your table of contents, your annotated outline. These are followed by your three sample chapters in order. Finally is your bio, your comparison sheet and your marketing plan. Do not bind them. This is not a book you are submitting and the agent or publisher may want to Xerox it. They will not be happy if they have to pull it apart. Do make certain that you have 1.5 inch borders on the left and right, one inch on the top and bottom. Leave room for agents and editors to make notes. NOTE Make very sure that your copy is clean of typos and misspellings. Run every sheet through spell check just to be sure. I have hired copy editors to check for grammar and typos. If you want a good copy editor message me I will refer you.

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