Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing

The address for Amazon self-publishing is www.kdp.amazon.com/ kdp stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle is very separate from Amazon so if you have problems you have to contact them directly...just go to help when you are in Kindle direct rather than trying to contact them when you are in Amazon. You can get to them through Amazon help eventually. Amazon customer service is MARVELOUS. I am very impressed with this company I think they stay awake nights thinking about how they can make money creating opportunities for their authors. Very different from the publishing industry at large. Amazon also has the self-publishing opportunity Create Space which I'll write about at another time. I haven't used it yet but it's a way to turn a successful seller on the digitals into a paperback. It's downside is that Amazon products are being boycotted by the bookstore competition. Which is really dumb and is not a reason to avoid publishing on Amazon.

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