Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A review of my book that simply took my breath away.

It is so exciting to receive reviews like this after all the years of wondering if I really could write. This is really amazing and gratifying.

Book review for:
Tranquility Initiative

Written By Joan Meijer

This is a book that all should read, especially in today’s unsettled world where anything could disrupt peace and every day living. Tranquility Initiative gives the scenario of anthrax being spread across the world, started by The United States through a secret project. While it is fiction you will find yourself shuddering every time the danger of anthrax and the individuals hurt before a grueling death it places within a human. The story tells just how easy it would be to spread such a fatal disease by several humans working together to steal one or more of these anthrax bombs and drop it to kill as many people as they possibly could at almost any location where it would kill the most.

The anthrax was first spread by The United States in a nation called Astrakhan ten years after the turn of the twenty-first century. The death in Astrakhan was devastating dropping people that never knew what had attacked them or who did the attacking. Supposedly top United States government officials secretly planned and carried out this genocide after Europe fell apart and was being controlled by the Nations of Islam united. Two pilots noticed the red, white, and blue coloring on some strangely shaped bombs that were being loaded into their airplane. It reminded them of years past when their parents and grandparents told of germ warfare, but this couldn’t be that since it was outlawed by past presidencies. But the closer they came to taking off and dropping those “different” looking bombs, the more they worried about what they were about to do. They did not want to kill innocent people.

A few of these bombs were stolen with no one certain they actually disappeared. However, when anyone responsible for handling, transporting, or dropping these bombs started to vanish, it got very strange; they were found dead or disappeared. The CDC was notified about the anthrax and Dr. Cassandra Williams was brought into New York where the anthrax was now appearing. Meanwhile the families of the ones that released the anthrax in New York City became sick as well as the bombers themselves. They still had one more they had to set off so the race began against death. An unknown government official had to be involved in this but that person was not known. A United States Senator, Richland Powell, was also involved assisting Dr. Williams in tracking down the source of the disease.

This book will blow your mind away. When one thinks it couldn’t happen here, the reading of this book will change your mind. Those that would hurt us for any reason will find a way around anybody and anything to make that hurt come about. I highly recommend this book. I compliment Joan Meijer on her writing. It is very complex without leaving the reader behind.

Review written by

Cy Hilterman of a book supplied by the author

January 4, 2011


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