Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Five Star Review for "Tranquillity Initiative"

5.0 out of 5 stars

creepy, scary, but excellent book,

January 6, 2011


A. Zittel (MA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The Tranquillity Initiative (Paperback)

This book was a thriller, all right. I do not generally read thrillers (nor do I like to watch them) - those are the types of things that keep me up at night, or give me nightmares, and I already have problems enough sleeping. But the premise of this book caught my eye & I agreed to review the book (I received a copy for free by the author).

I was immediately hooked into the book, and read it in a little less than a week. I could have easily finished faster, but the book is darker than I would have liked, so I couldn't read it at night (again, read the bit about giving me nightmares). This book is a very scary read -- not horror movie scary, more like Stephen King "Under the Dome" scary, but worse. I think what makes this book such a scary read is that it is so believable, and in the crazy world we live in, you can see most of these events actually happening, especially the germ warfare part. My coworkers saw me reading this book on my lunch break, and we got into conversations about germ warfare, and got us talking - good stuff!

There are a few scenes that were graphic for me, that I could have done without, but this book is excellent & I would definitely read anything else Meijer comes up with!

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