Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Thomas Drake Debacle

It's really interesting for me to see the "Department of Justice" so consistently go after people who are trying to bring transparency to government while the liars (Anthony Weiner being a notable exception) get off Scott free. This is a case we should all know more about because it is about a man who should be protected by the government not persecuted by it. He was doing a good thing - blowing the whistle on NSA excesses. Unlike Bush and Cheney who lied to the American people about torture and WMD, Cheney who outed a CIA operative and jeopardized an entire network designed to protect America because he was mad at her husband - Thomas Drake was whistle blowing about NSA excesses - NSA law breaking.

The craziest part of all this is that Eric Holder and Co are using the Espionage Act but even they say he was not a spy.

We really have to pay attention to the Obama "Justice Department" because they are prosecuting the innocent and allowing the guilty to go free. Those innocent would make our government better - those guilty would make it worse. It's up to us to support people like Thomas Drake, Bradley Manning and others who should be protected by law and because of Holder are not.

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