Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Blog Changed My Life

This is the year of my regurgitating computer. The year I discovered "thar's money in them files."

I have dozens of nearly completed works of fiction languishing in my computer files - languishing because finding and dealing with agents and publishers is such a royal pain I just didn't want to do it for my fiction (I've done it for years for non-fiction and I'm not going to do that again either).

Then I read a blog that finally put paid to the need for agents and publishers for all time. A blog that told me that there has been a paradigm shift in the publishing world and that I can sell my books and get the lion's share of the royalty for myself.

Thank you Barry Eisler for having the conversation I needed to hear, the conversation that says to self-publish to your hearts content and to get those books OUT!

If you are a writer wannabe, wannabe no more. You still need to be professional, but there is no gatekeeper preventing you from having your dream. Even having a high profile on the internet is no longer necessary if you have a lot of book shelf on the e-pubs and on, and B& It's a new world for writers.

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  1. It is a new world. Lots of thing to consider as a writer. Nice to meet you and your blog.